A new way to enjoy travel in Indonesia

Finally you can ride without limits…

Rent a motorcycle and have it delivered to your hotel in Bali, then ride to exciting destinations, even on other islands. How about a four-day ride to Surabaya in Java, taking in the Mt Bromo volcano? Or a two-week adventure to Larantuka at the southern end of Flores, taking in glorious snorkelling and Komodo Island.

If you want to do something really off the beaten track, try a 6,000 km circumnavigation of Borneo. Many destinations are possible and you don’t have to return the bike to Bali.

Your suitcase, backpacks and sports bags mount securely on the bike. At the conclusion of your ride, take your luggage and depart by air or sea. No need for expensive “adventure” branded luggage that does not travel well on airlines.

Moto Indo is based on tens of thousands of real-world adventure riding kilometres in Asia. It’s what you need to have a proper adventure riding holiday in Indonesia, without shipping your own motorcycle. Ride in Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Borneo or East Timor.