Moto Indo one way rentals and tours

Moto Indo one way rentals arrange everything before your trip – we have agents in Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Labuan Bajo, Maumere and Larantuka. Collect your bike at one agent, ride, then drop it off with another agent, then fly home. We have Yamaha Scorpio 225 (manual), Yamaha Nmax 155 (auto with ABS) and Honda Vario 125 (auto) – all bikes subject to availability.

All of your costs are agreed before you start, so you know how much the trip will cost. This includes optional delivery to your hotel, one way rental to your destination in Indonesia and handling.
The bikes are ready to go with versatile high-capacity luggage racks. Choose the Scorpio with big 18 inch wheels and long-travel suspension for travel on back roads, or a scooter to convenient travel between cities and in cities. All bikes are fitted with a heavy duty USB charger for your phone and GPS.

Your ride

Lovina, northern Bali

No tour group, no guide. A trip that belongs to you alone. It will be hot, it will rain, and you might have some uncomfortable ferry rides. Whether it’s just a week, or three months, it will last a lifetime!

Your luggage

coastal road, island of Sumbawa

Bring your everyday luggage: a suitcase, some backpacks, some sports bags. And a few bungee cords. Then take it home when you finish. No specialised bike luggage is needed.

Your dream

approaching Larantuka, southern Flores

You can have a real adventure ride. You don’t need to quit your job and sell everything you own. Collect the bike at your hotel, ride, then return it an an agreed depot after your one way rental.