Best luggage for riding

moto indo recommended motorcycle luggage options

MotoIndo luggage strategy

We want you to have have a seamless experience - walk out of the bus terminal, strap your bags onto the bike, and ride.

Our bikes are custom-designed to support this. The luggage you arrive with is the luggage you travel with.

  • No need to transfer your items from airline luggage to dedicated bike luggage.
  • No need to leave your airline luggage behind at the bike depot.
  • No need to buy or rent specialised bike luggage.

What to carry

  • Airline carry-on suitcases.  Hard cases that are lockable are perfect for mounting on MotoIndo luggage racks.
  • Use the cheapest suitacases you can find because they will get dirty and bumped around.
  • Small or medium-size sports kit bag
  • Small backpack that you can wear while riding.

What to leave at home

  • Your giant camping backpack. It is not suitable for use on a motorcycle - it will not fit on the luggage racks.
  • Dedicated motorcycle luggage that you bought in a motorcycle accessory shop. It will not fit on MotoIndo bikes. It's crazy expensive. It's not practical to carry on an aircraft.